Fic: Spring Break 2013

Rating: NC-17

Word count: 1,772

Summary: It’s McKinley High’s spring break and Blaine invites the New Directions to stay at his parents beach house. During their first night, Blaine can’t seem to keep his hands to himself, although Kurt doesn’t mind at all.

When the New Directions found out Blaine was withholding the fact his parents owned a beach house along the coast all hell broke loose. It was soon decided by the group that Blaine would take them to the barley occupied multi-bedroom ocean font during McKinley’s spring break.

What made sneaking into the house for a week worthwhile to Blaine was that Kurt had found time in his busy schedule to come as well, and at that current moment Blaine couldn’t think of anywhere else he’d rather be.

All of the members of the New Directions were out on the patio behind the house, dancing to Blaine’s ipod over the loud speakers and drinking the generous amounts of booze Jake had brought. Blaine had lost track of how many beers he’d had after the second, forcing himself to stop when he realized he could barely walk in a straight line. His mind had become foggy and all he could look at, or think about, was Kurt’s ass shaking right in front of him.

It was hard for Blaine not to watch Kurt lose himself to the music. He’d been all over the place that entire night, talking with old and new members, telling them about New York and learning about what was going on in their lives. But now most had either decided to take a walk along the beach or go swimming in the pool, and there Kurt was, swinging his him and running his fingers through his hair.

Kurt probably noticed him staring, because he raised an eyebrow and walked over to Blaine, taking his hands and pulling himself closer, so they were only inches apart. “You know it’s impolite to stare, Blaine,” Kurt whispered into his ear. Blaine could tell Kurt had drank more alcohol than usual just by the amount on his breath.

“It’s also impolite to tease,” Blaine stated, trying to get a good grip on Kurt’s waist.

“I’m teasing am I?” Kurt smirked.

Blaine nodded. “Anything you do in those jeans is considered teasing.”

“Hmm…I guess I know to wear a different pair next time,” Kurt said, placing his arms on Blaine’s shoulders.

“No no, these are just fine. More than fine actually.” Blaine took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and started moving his hips to the beat of the music. Before he knew it another pair of lips were brushing against his own and a body was being pressed flush against him.

No one was paying any attention to them, everyone else was doing their own thing, and Blaine was doing everything in his power not to press Kurt up on the nearby wall and-

Kurt,” Blaine whined as he practically started grinding against him. Blaine got plenty horny when he was drunk but with Kurt it was a whole different story.

Soon, the cold evening breeze brushing against his neck was replaced by Kurt’s lips, warm and wet against his skin. His who body yearned for some sort of relief, feeling Kurt hard against his thigh with him barely even trying to hide it.

“You have no idea how much I’ve missed you,” Blaine breathed, his hands sliding down into Kurt’s back pockets.

Kurt smiled against his neck. “I’ve missed you too.”

God, get a room,” Kitty sneered as she moved past them to go into the house, probably to get more booze. Blaine truly disliked the girl, but she’d pretty much invited herself to join.

Blaine started to pull away in response to Kitty’s abruptness but Kurt just pulled him closer and whispered, “I think we should take her advice.”

Kurt and Blaine stumbled their way to the master bedroom, trying their best not to get sidetracked until they were at the top of the stairs, which was hard with how much they had to grab at each other just to keep standing straight.

As soon as they walked in Blaine slammed Kurt against the door, kissing him fiercely and sliding Kurt’s thigh in between his legs just for some sort of friction. It was the first real kiss they’d had since they arrived that day, and all Blaine could think about was the taste of Kurt’s lips and the way they moved so perfectly against his own. Kurt had his hands in Blaine’s hair, slowly working it out of the confines of the gel.

Blaine slid his fingers across Kurt’s chest, feeling for the buttons of his vest and fumbling to get them undone without separating their lips. Once it was totally unbuttoned Blaine slid the vest off his shoulders and then reached for Kurt’s shirt, the only thing standing between him and Kurt’s pale skin.

Blaine stood back with lust blown eyes and stared at Kurt’s bare chest. He hadn’t seen it in so long, apart from a few late nights over Skype.

Kurt stepped forward and pressed his lips against Blaine’s neck, sucking his way down the column of skin while pushing Blaine backward until the back of his needs hit the foot of the bed, causing Blaine to fall rather ungracefully.

Kurt just giggled softly pushed up Blaine’s shirt until Blaine sat up and pulled it off himself. He watched as Kurt’s eyes slowly raked  down his body. “You’re so s-sexy, Blaine,” Kurt admitted breathlessly, moving in to mouth at Blaine’s neck, causing Blaine to close his eyes. “So gorgeous.” Kurt started moving lower, trailing his lips down his chest, stopping to suck hard at Blaine’s nipple, causing Blaine’s back to arch and for him to moan softly.

After a few moments Kurt moved lower, finally getting onto his knees and fiddling with the button of Blaine’s jeans. Once he had finished Blaine used his arms as support and lifted his hips off the bed, allowing Kurt to pull off his jeans in one swift movement.

Fuck, Kurt,” Blaine moaned as Kurt started mouthing at the fabric of his boxer-briefs, and then throwing his back when Kurt slipped them off quickly and slowly licked a line from the base to the tip of his cock.

But before Blaine could even gather his thoughts Kurt was gone, and Blaine whined loudly at the loss and opened his eyes, seeing that Kurt was standing and slowly prying off his jeans, which seemed to have been plastered to his body. God did Blaine want those off now.

Blaine watched Kurt intently as he moved his hips back and forth, probably more now for show than getting undressed. Blaine licked his lips as Kurt’s cock was released from the material, flushed pink and leaking at the tip.

Blaine started moving backwards on the bed while Kurt stepped forward, climbing onto the bed and finally settling his hips between Blaine’s legs when they finally made it to the headboard. Kurt rolled his hips down sharply, their cocks rubbing together and the pressure causing both boys to moan. “Blaine,” Kurt whimpered, rather loudly, when Blaine put his hands on his ass. “Blaine- Blaine I want-”

Blaine kissed him slowly, tasting the remnants of the salty ocean air on his lips. “What do you want, Kurt?” He asked softly, slowing the pace of their hips.

“ I’ve missed you so much…”

“I know Kurt, you have no idea.” He could tell Kurt was slowly unraveling above him, his words being slurred over because of all the alcohol on his brain.

“All I can think about- I just want- I want you inside me,” Kurt whined as Blaine hips jerked involuntarily.

Blaine wasn’t going to argue, so he gradually flipped Kurt onto his back and re-positioned himself on top of him. Reaching for his side table drawer, he pulled out the lube and condoms he’d brought with him. Blaine uncapped the lube and spread it onto his fingers, like he’d done so many times before when he could actually see Kurt or be with Kurt every day. He gave Kurt a quick kiss before slowly easing one finger into his entrance. He usually started with two, but he knew Kurt must have been tight since they hadn’t done this for weeks.

“Oh god, Blaine,” Kurt moaned, spreading his legs wider under Blaine’s touch. After he felt Kurt was ready Blaine added a second, and then a third finger.

“Please…” Kurt pleaded, practically fucking himself down onto Blaine’s fingers. “Please…I want- I want…”

“I know baby.” Blaine kissed Kurt’s temple and then sat back onto his knees, rolling on a condom and coating himself with a generous amount of lube.

Lining himself up with Kurt’s entrance, he slowly pushed himself through the tight ring of muscles and dropped his head onto Kurt’s shoulder, thrusting in and out gradually until he found the pace that made Kurt start breathing heavily.

Kurt was panting loudly into his ear, throwing his arms back and gripping the headboard behind him. “You feel so good,” he breathed sharply. His knuckles were turning while from how hard he was gripping the headboard, his body moving in sequence with Blaine’s.

“God, Blaine, right there, oh my god,” he moaned loudly, and Blaine thought it probably could have been loud enough to be heard outside.

Blaine could tell Kurt was close by the way his hips were losing rhythm, and slid his hand around Kurt’s cock, pumping in time with his thrusts.

Kurt wasn’t normally a screamer, but when there was alcohol involved Kurt never held back. “Blaine! I’m- I’m- fuck-” And that was it, one more thrust and Kurt was coming across his chest and Blaine’s hand, his eyes squeezed shut and his mouth eliciting curses and breathy moans.

Blaine enveloped Kurt into a passionate kiss, and it wasn’t even three more thrusts until he was coming too, his mind not even registering what words were falling from his mouth. Blaine couldn’t help but wish that they wouldn’t have to wait so long to do this, to be so close and intimate, but at that moment all he could think about was that it was worth the wait.

“I wish we could be staying here alone, just the two of us,” Kurt said softly as they laid together in each other’s arms, finally trying to get some rest.

“I could skip school next week,” Blaine suggested. “We could have the whole place to ourselves.”

“Or we could just kick them all out.”

“That too,” Blaine chuckled, closing his eyes.

“Hey Blaine?”

“Yes Kurt.”

“Of all the times we’ve ever been to the beach we’ve never gone skinny dipping.”

Blaine sighed. “We’ll put that on our list of activities for tomorrow.”

There was a short pause, until Kurt’s voice broke through the silent air. “Blaine?”

“Yes Kurt,” Blaine mumbled, half asleep.

“I love you.”

Blaine smiled. “I love you too.”

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